Thursday 9th May.
Glasgow City Chambers
(enter by Cochrane St.)
Glasgow G2 1DU 

'Tallys', Cafes and Chippies

14th September 2023
Renfield Centre
260 Bath Street, G2 4JP

Raffaello Gonella

Glasgow's Motorway System

12th October 2023
Renfield Centre
260 Bath Street, G2 4JP

Stuart Baird & John Hassall

Rambling Round Victorian Glasgow

9th November 2023
Renfield Centre
260 Bath Street, G2 4JP

Karen Murdarasi

Cadder; Past to Present

14th December 2023
Renfield Centre
260 Bath Street, G2 4JP

Jeff Holmes & Alan Nelson

Target Clydebank

11th January 2024
Renfield Centre
260 Bath Street, G2 4JP

Marc Conaghan

First to the Story

8th February 2024
Renfield Centre
260 Bath Street, G2 4JP

John Young

Women Artists in Kelvingrove Art Gallery

14th March 2024
Renfield Centre
260 Bath Street, G2 4JP

Barbara Daly


11th April 2024
Refield Centre
260 Bath Steet, G2 4JP

Anne White

Raffaello Gonnella is based in Glasgow, Scotland. A genealogist and historian specialising in Scottish/Italian immigration WW2 treatment, Arandora Star and Internment . His talk illustrates how early immigrants coped with the new city and contributed greatly to its culture and what the city is today...  (events)

"It took foresight and courage to drive a motorway through the heart of a city..." (Charles Gormley - from a promotional film made about the construction of the M8). Stuart Baird founded and chairs the Scottish Roads Archive, the largest private archive of roads and transportation records in Scotland. A volunteer run and self funding organisation, it is dedicated to the history of Scotland's 20th century roads and bridges...    (events) 

The 1854 'guide book' Rambles Round Glasgow by Hugh Macdonald is  brought to life for a new generation by Scottish historian and author Karen Murdarasi. It was labour of love, she says, to write a new introduction and annotate the original text...  (events) 

When Jeff Holmes was 10 years old his family moved to the Cadder  housing estate in Maryhill. It was a millionaire's playground; piles of leftover concrete slabs, the Halloween Pend, the old cowp and the canyon. And, when the canal froze there was even skating...  (events) 

Marc Conaghan says that his research is changing the narrative on the Clydebank Blitz; the devastation, he says, may even have been an accident. The primary target was the Royal Navy fuel depot at Dalnottar and then the Singer Factory - subsequent waves of bombers 'filled in' between the fires that guided them. Although 'Clydeside' is mentioned in Luftwaffe documents, the concentration is on 'Glasgow'...   (events) 

John Young spent his career as a staff photographer for the Evening Times documenting Glasgow and Scotland over the latter decades of last century. Subsequently as Group Head of pictures and multimedia for the Herald and Times Group he continued to shape the way we understood our city...  (events) 

Barbara Daly is Vice Chair of Friends of Glasgow Museums;  one of the oldest 'friends' organisations in the UK. Founded in 1944 by Dr Tom Honeyman it has the aim of  cultivating interest in the Arts, heritage, culture and science. Barbara, therefore, is ideally placed to discuss the visible contribution made to Kelvingrove by women artists... (events) 

OGC member, Anne White, is not a native of Langside, one of the oldest and most event-filled areas to the south of Glasgow,  but she visited often in her childhood to spend time with relatives there. Later, when she worked as a nurse at the Victoria Infirmary she moved there - and she's still there! So, maybe not an incomer any longer. She knows, and cares for the area intimately. She will knit scarves for trees and jumpers for post boxes; the OGC's own Banksy in wool! ... events section.

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